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What People Are Saying

Beautiful Gifts

I got this necklace as my wedding gift and instantly loved it. It is literally the only accessory I wore on my entire honeymoon. I love how delicate and beautiful it is.

Tanya Sharma

Symbol Of Friendship

The six of us wanted to celebrate our year of togetherness with something which will stay with us forever. So, all of us bought this beautiful ring which is the perfect symbol of our friendship and is just so classy!

Priyansha Anand

Classic and Unique

My fiance wanted to give me something classic and unique. He searched everywhere for the unique design. Our search was complete when we entered the Eleven Silver store. I love it because it is designed just for me.

Rahul Khanna

Great Service

The most reliable and great service!! Totally satisfied with the service. Absolutely you are our only choice for all future purchases.

Kushleen Kaur

Excellent Range and Service

Excellent range of earrings and rings and had a ring made up to order that is just beautiful! Friendly and helpful staff and in no way pushy at all, we had plenty of time to view stock. Will return to Eleven Silver again. Thank you

Ishika Yadav

Fully Satisfied

We are very satisfied with the service and we are very happy to purchase in Eleven Silver. Thank you for the good service.

Manav Aggarwal